The season’s first cancellation is ‘Lucky 7’

Just goes to show: money won't buy you ratings

Two and out. It was a short, sour lifespan for Lucky 7, the ABC drama about gas station co-workers who win the lottery..

The Monday night drama drew 4.4 million viewers for its debut, and this week dropped precipitously to 2.6 million. At that rate it would have been registering negative numbers by Thanksgiving.

What did it in was a .7 rating in the 18-49 age range. That’s the lowest any network drama has ever registered during the regular season

So today, ABC pulled the plug. The time slot will be given over to reruns of Scandal.

It’s the first show to be axed after just two episodes since NBC’s Do No Harm last year.

And so, another bold prediction by Dave on Demand bears out. I predicted Lucky 7 would be the season’s first cancellation before the first episode aired. What can I say? It’s a gift.

So what series goes to the scrap heap next? Will it be NBC’s Ironside? CBS’s We Are Men? Or ABC’s Back in the Game? I could tell you but I don’t want to ruin the suspense.




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