The odds on ads: This commercial is more annoying than…

Some ad campaigns are just misbegotten from the very start. In fact, they push you away from the product.

The one that is driving me batty lately is the DirecTV pitch for their DVR Genie. You know, the one with the invariable set-up line, “Cable is more annoying than…”. You then see some hideous completely unbelievable scenario – a man who has his finger snapped down on by a giant tortoise; a lady whose lap dog is snatched from her front porch by a predatory bird.

You know the ad? Here’s the latest incarnation.

Because who hasn’t been seated on a long plane ride next to a hideously cackling marionette? You know what’s more annoying than cable? These ads! Remarkably it’s become a formula adapted by a number of products.

Geico has its two troubadours telling us what’s more fun than saving money on auto insurance. (At least they had one semi-funny one with Dikembe Mutombo swatting away everything in sight.) Here’s the witless variety what you usually get:

And now Ford has introduced similar commercials for a number of its models in which the drivers marvel over how great it is to have available seating for seven and great gas mileage. And we are taught, is better than or. Awful examples follow. Like this one.


You know what’s worse than ads using this same gambit of disatrous alternatives over and over? Nothing!

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