The Rolling Stones open the vaults on TV

This is a great time to be a Rolling Stones fan – nearly 50 years after Mick, Keith and the boys started upsetting the status quo.

TV has two sensational documentaries this week that recall the rise of the “greatest rock ‘n roll band in the world”. First up is The Rolling Stones Charlie Is My Darling – Ireland 1965. It captures the boys on a wild weekend tour of the Emerald Isle.

Wow, does this recapture that era. But all I kept thinking about was how much drummer Charlie Watts as a young man looks like Javier Bardem as Silva, the villain in the new James Bond film.

Here’s a clip of the band opening their show with “The Last Time”. The film, which will debut on DirecTV’s Channel 237 on Saturday (Nov. 10)  at 9 p.m., also contains the band’s very first concert performance of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” which had just hit #1 on the pop charts.


On the more comprehensive side, you have The Rolling Stones Crossfire Hurricane, which starts in the same era but is more of a career retrospective. Here’s a trailer for the film which debuts on HBO next Thursday (Nov. 15) at 9 p.m.




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