'The O'Reilly Factor' comes to Philly to prove we know nothing about American history

First of all, let it not be said that the guys over at Fox News are anything other than masters of the troll. Secondly, Philadelphians are apparently hopelessly bankrupt in the area of historical knowledge about their own country—or, at least according to a recent “Watter’s World” segment from The O’Reilly Factor.

Earlier this week, producer Jesse Watters traveled back to his native Philadelphia for a series of interviews that ultimately would become another installment of his series designed to embarrass completely random, everyday people about their inability to answer basic political or historical questions. So, business as usual.

Calling Philly the “cradle of liberty,” Watters took to the street to ask 12 random Philadelphians a series of questions coming from the U.S Citizen test. As you probably imagine, the results were upsetting.

Questions included: 

  • What do the 13 stripes on the flag represent?
  • What economic system do we have in the United States
  • Cuba has communism, America has…
  • Who was the president during World War II? 

Simple, right? Apparently not. Of the 12 people interviewed, only one person got all the questions right. The others responded with answers like the 13 stripes representing “freedom … everything,” and our 300-strong stable of American Senators. Also, apparently, our president during World War II was either George Washington or Ronald Reagan, depending on whom you ask.

Still, though, Watters’ thought-process in his interviewee selection is pretty transparent, and the guy even admits that “if someone has a piercing, purple hair, if they look like a supermodel, they’re going to be on Watters’ World … tattoo on the face? They’re in.” So, please, take this with a grain of salt.

A very, very large one.

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