TV’s highest paid personality? We have a tie – at $95 million!

Simon Cowell, a judge on the FOX series "The X Factor," considers a reporter's question during a panel discussion on the show at the FOX 2013 Summer TCA press tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Rude boys rule! At least on TV. Forbes just published its annual list of the highest paid personalities in television. The envelope, please. We have a tie!

Running Rolls to Royce are Simon Cowell (The X Factor) and Howard Stern (America’s Got Talent) who each took home a tidy $95 million.

Of course not all that income is derived from the show’s with which they are most associated. In fact, a good chunk if it isn’t even television money. But hey, every massive bit counts.

You’d think his departure from American Idol would have slowed down Simon but thanks to franchises he developed and owns (The X Factor and ...Got Talent – both of which are big around the world), he’s still flying high. He also earns a sheckel or two from his musical acts, like One Direction.

For Howard, the $15 million he gets for raining on Howie Mandel’s parade on America’s Got Infinite Patience, is but a drop in the bucket. His radio show on Sirius provides the real golden shower. Boy, he’s come a long way from promoting sleazy pay-per-view strip shows to make a buck.

Here’s the list of the other top ten:

Glenn Beck-$90 million

Oprah Winfrey-$77 million

Dr. Phil McGraw-$72 million

Rush Limbaugh-$66 million

Donald Trump-$63 million

Ryan Seacrest-$61 million

Ellen DeGeneres-$56 million

Judy Sheindlin-$47 million

Well deserved, boys and girls! Well deserved!




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