TV commercial gets presidential endorsement

One of the perks of being a former President is you get paid handsomely to go around the world speaking to all kinds of groups. Take Bill Clinton. On Thursday he was in Cannes, France addressing a gathering of international advertising executives.

Want to see what Clinton endorsed as the industry’s gold standard?


It wasn’t shown on a screen. He just described it (to abundant laughter): “My favorite ads in the United States are those ads encouraging people to switch from cable to DirecTV. You have a problem. Something disastrous happens. You don't get along with your daughter. She winds up having an alternative lifestyle, marries a guy with too many tattoos. She ends up having a child who wears a dog collar. Now, you have a granddaughter with a dog collar. Switch to DirecTV. … They're the most hilarious ads I've ever seen.”

Of course the guy with poor impulse control ends up having a grandson with a dog collar but you get the idea. It’s part of a theme campaign for DirecTV. Some of these spots are better than others. I could live, for instance, without the ”Don’t Have Your House Explode” one featuring the distracted lawyer. I mean why is the guy doing all those situps in his jail cell if he's only going to use a bomb anyway?

In my mind, the original (“Don’t Wake Up in a Roadside Ditch”) is still the greatest.


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