‘Survivor: One World’: Meet the cast


There are 18 contestants on the new season of Survivor which begins February 15 on CBS. They range in age from 21 to 64. One is a motorcycle repairman; one is the wife of former NFL quarterback Daunte Culpepper.

But the castaway who is bound to get the most attention, at least initially is 27-year-old Leif Manson. Not because he’s a phlebotomist (which is kind of like Dexter – without presumably the Dark Passenger). But because, as Survivor host Jeff Probst points out, Manson is “half the size of anybody else.”

Manson is easy to spot in the photo (above) and video (below).

And no, there will not be any dwarf-tossing challenges. Did you learn nothing from Peter Dinklage’s acceptance speech at Sunday’s Golden Globes?

The twist this year is that everyone will live on the beach together. But they will compete by gender: men vs. women. Take a quick look at the clip and you’ll see there are no shortage of snakes in the sand.



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