Super Bowl ads: Dave’s faves

It’s seems churlish to complain about a batch of Super Bowl ads that featured the breath-taking Adriana Lima. Twice. But the conventional narrative spots for consumer products didn’t do much for me yesterday.

If I want to see that much of David Beckham, I’ll join the Spice Girls.

Usually I like anything with chimps in it, but not this year.

Seinfeld? Bueller? Funny the first time. Online last Wednesday.


Your favorite Super Bowl ad?

There were lots of dogs, our national softspot. (I’m sure they’d use cats, too, if they could get them to act.) The Great Dane who bought that guy’s silence with Doritos? Eh. Wego, the rescue mutt, and the overweight Bernard mix. Yawn. Even Mr Quigley left me flat. BTW, his backwards walk over the finish line? The Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw went him one better in the 4th quarter.

I was drawn to rather atypical spots. First of all, a Busby Berkeley style promo for NBC that ran before the game, that started with the cast of 30 Rock, but managed to wedge in most of the network’s personalities, from Matt Lauer on Today to Jay Leno on Tonight. Music, maestro.


The other two ads I enjoyed were both for upcoming sci-fi adventure films (which I think says more about my taste than it does the state of Madison Avenue). First there was The Avengers.


Next came John Carter.

I don’t know why but these movie trailers get my blood pumping more than the sight of Elton John sitting on a throne. What were your favorite Supe ads?


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