Skinny dipping on 'The Bachelor'



Two words to describe Courtney, the girl you love to hate on this season’s Bachelor: “scheming b….”. Hey, tone it down. Those may fit, but the ones we were going for were “not shy”. Take a look at her tactics last night:


Mind you, this late night dalliance was strictly against the rules. (Thank goodness there was no around like a cameraman or a producer to report Courtney.) She ambushed Ben outside his hotel room waiting with a bottle, a bathrobe and little else, then basically invited herself into his room.

“Wonder if he’s ever gone skinny dipping with a model before?” she mused. Yeah, what man could resist that scenario. Unless, of course, the model in question was showing alarming signs of emotional disturbance.

As the underwear is coming off, you feel like screaming, “Don’t do it, Ben! Didn’t you see Fatal Attraction?”