Singer leaves ‘X Factor’ audition in cuffs


It was strange night of X Factor auditions in Kansas City. Simon Cowell was missing in action. Apparently he had a note from his doctor. His place was taken by affable Irishman Louis Walsh.

Then came one of most bizarre contestants ever. We’re used to people bragging outrageously about how talented they are then going on stage and bombing out. But Deangelo Wallace took it to new heights – or lows. And in his case, pride came before an arrest. Check this out.


How was that for a reversal? The judges walk out when he starts singing Chris Brown’s “With You”. And his explanation for their rejection? “They’re all devil worshippers.”


But there was a sweeter song last night. Watch this backstage clip as Britney carries out a birthday cake for fellow jurist L.A. Reid, who during the June taping, was turning 56. Hey, that girl can sing. Someone sign her up.



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