Simon's daughter says: 'Prada'

Aussie actor Simon Baker will be playing "The Mentalist" on CBS next season, but he's probably best known to the network's viewers as "The Guardian."

Still,  if you saw a little thing called "The Devil Wears Prada," you may remember him as a guy who plays a bit of a heel.


And we're not talking Manolos.

Credit for that bit of work goes to Baker's daughter, Stella, who was 11 when the "Devil" script came to Baker. Looking for something to read one day, she asked her father if he had anything and pointed her toward the script.

She read it "in record time," he said, and then told Baker: "The character's a bit of a d---, but I think you should do that."

Apparently, she thought it would be cool to have him in a film she and her friends could see -- and one in which he wasn't killing or being killed.

So he did it.

Beyond that, Baker confessed, "I'm really bad at choosing [movies] myself."