VIDEO: See the winner of ‘America’s Got Talent’

Ladies and gendermen, we have a winner! The season 8 victor of America’s Got Talent was crowned Wednesday night. So who got the $1 million prize, the gig in Vegas and the undying admiration of Nick Cannon?

If you’re waiting to watch it on your DVR, read no further. (You probably shouldn’t have read this far.)

Six finalists performed on Monday: singer Cami Bradley, magician Collins Key, country singer Jimmy Rose, dancer Kinechi Ebina, opera trio Forte and comedian Taylor Williamson.

At the end of the night, it came down to the comic and the dancer. And Ebina won!

If you have any question of his merit, watch this video of his final performance, when he reprised his homage to Matrix. This guy does things the human body should not be able to do.

Konnichiwa, Kinechi.

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