VIDEO: See the red hot ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer

There were, it seemed, a million TV options last night at 9 p.m.. If you were smart (and had cable – two things that don’t necessarily go together), you stuck with HBO. Because just before True Detective started casting its dark spell, the channel unveiled the long-awaited trailer for the fourth season of Game of Thrones.

As you can see in the clip below, it did not disappoint. All the old favorites are back. Well, most of them. OK, some of them. Jaimie Lannister seems to be reasonably recovered from all his ravages and ready for court intrigue.

And that rather sinister gentleman who says, “Tell your father I'm here, and tell him the Lannisters aren't the only ones who pay their debts." That my friends is Prince Oberyn Martell. Better known as the Red Viper. And he has considerable payback in store.

Daenerys Stormborn looks like she’s well on her way to conquering the Seven Kingdoms. The best part of the clip may be Tyrion’s final word: “If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place.”

How long until April?

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