VIDEO: See ‘The Simpsons’ antic homage to anime

Here’s a little sneak peak from Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons (8 p.m. on Fox), “Married to the Blob”. Homer has had a little too much to drink. Note to self: stay away from the fish wine.

Suddenly the whole world turns into an anime nightmare of rare device. Krusty – at least we think that’s Krusty – has never been more wrong. “Didn’t see nothing”? Why, they saw a very great deal indeed.

And that’s not even the most shocking part of this episode. Comic Book Guy finds a spouse: a delightful Japanese girl, Kumika who is working on an autobiographical manga. Let me repeat that slower: Comic Book Guy...finds...a...spouse!

Did we mention the episode also features the King of Marvel, Stan Lee and sci fi scribe Harlan Ellison as themsleves?

But the topper for us was seeing Apu in the house, spinning around like Dorothy in Kansas, saying “I am undone by whimsy!” Well, said, Apu.

 Trouble seeing the video below? Click here.


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