Saran Palin set to bring 'Rogue TV' to America's living rooms for $10 a month

It’s been a while since Sarah Palin reared her head in the national media, but now that would appear to be because Palin has been spending her time becoming the media. That’s right, Sarah Palin is about to bring us a TV channel—and as you might expect, it’s called “Rogue TV.”

Reportedly set to launch in April or May of this year, Rogue TV will feature “video commentaries” from Palin dealing with current events and national issues. To help you understand a little better and perhaps dissuade you ever tuning in, an anonymous source said to “think of it as a video version of her Facebook page.” Not exactly a good comparison, considering that a video version of a Facebook page is more or less known as YouTube, which makes this, well, insane.

The channel will come to us through Tapp, a digital video service recently founded by former CNN chief Jon Klein, for $10 a month. For that cost, though, it’s not just the video missives from Palin that you’ll get, but also a fair amount of footage dealing with the Palins themselves. So, basically, a subscription-based version of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

The oddest part, though: People probably will subscribe and watch. Palin’s Facebook page counts 4 million fans, while her Twitter boasts 1 million followers. A fair proportion probably follow her ironically, but, still, that doesn’t diminish the purchasing power her name seems to provide. And, what’s more, Palin was reportedly approached by Klein—not the other way around.

Currently, Palin is a pundit for Fox News after she re-joined this past June. Rogue TV, though, appears to be more personal, and it isn’t yet clear if her involvement there will take her off Fox.

But, as always, we can hope.

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