Sacha Baron Cohen pulls prank at British awards show

Britain GQ Men of the Year Awards
Sacha Baron Cohen arrives for the GQ Men of the Year Awards at a central London venue, Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012. (AP Photo/Jonathan Short)

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to award show pranks (ahem, tossing Kim Jong Il ashes all over Ryan Seacrest), but his most recent antic might have taken the cake.

The Borat star was honored with the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy at Saturday’s Britannia Awards. Salma Hayek presented the award to Cohen alongside wheelchair bound, 87-year-old Grace Collington, “the oldest surviving actor to have worked with Chaplin in a silent movie.” When Sacha got to the stage to accept, Collington gave him a cane that was supposedly a prop used bu Chaplin in the movie City Lights. He took the cane and started dancing around the stage in a Chaplin-like way and while leaning on it, loses his balance and knocked the elderly woman off of the stage; wheelchair and all.

While this was immediately shocking to many viewers, The Los Angeles Times reports that Grace Collington is not a real actress, but was being played by a stuntwoman the whole time – therefore, making the prank a pre-planned event. Apparently the joke was well-received by audience members once they grew hip to what was going on.

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