SNL’s Jay Pharoah does his Stephen A. Smith impersonation for Stephen A.


About a month ago, Saturday Night Live’s resident copycat, Jay Pharoah unveiled a hilarious impersonation of NBA commentator and former Inquirer columnist Stephen A. Smith.

You may have missed it. It was scheduled to air during the Weekend Update segment with Seth Meyers. It made it all the way through dress rehearsals but was dropped at the last minute for time consideration. It became something of an internet sensation for basketball junkies. You can see the original skit at the bottom of this item.

It lead to Pharoah bringing his A-game to Smith’s ESPN show with Skip Bayless, First Take. It takes nerve to imitate a man in front of his face . As you’ll see he also cycles through Denzel Washington, Charles Barkley and Eddie Murphy.

All I know is I crack up every time Pharoah as Smith says “LeBron”. Here, as promised, is the original, though never aired skit that got the ball rolling.


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