VIDEO: Rodman’s rant from N. Korea? Kimmel breaks it down

Happy Birthday, Kim Jong Un. You got what every Supreme Commander would want: As a present,  The Worm, Dennis Rodman brought over a team of indistinguished former NBA players to play an All-Star North Korean team in Pyongyang. Dennis even serenanded you.

But before the tip-off, Dennis conducted a satellite interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. That did not go so well. Among other things, Rodman told Cuomo, “I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think!”

Other parts of his diatribe, as is frequently the case with Rodman, were more difficult to parse. Fortunately Jimmy Kimmel was on the job. He took to the chalk board on Tuesday night to analyze some of the more impenetrable sections of Rodman’s rant.

Hilarity ensued, as you’ll see in this clip. Kimmel used the bit to range far and wide, from Michael Jordan to Mystikal, and keep us laughing the whole time. Enjoy.

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