Ripa’s partner? It’s Michael Strahan

Somewhere Michael Strahan is doing his own version of a touchdown dance. Multiple sources are reporting that the Super Bowl winning NFL lineman, now retired, will shortly be announced as the new co-host for Kelly Ripa.

Live! With Kelly and Michael. Like the ring of it? The new duo starts the first week of September.

Strahan, the gap-toothed former New York Giant, seems an unlikely substitute for Regis Philbin, at least physically. But in his tryout weeks on the show, he displayed an affable manner and good chemistry with Ripa.

He has already said he will keep his role as one of the panelists on Fox NFL Sunday, the network’s goofy pregame show. That’s going to entail a weekly commute between New York and Los Angeles during the football season. Make sure you take your Airborne, big guy.


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