‘Ready for Love’: Bomb or mega-bomb?

NBC rolled out a new dating game last night, Ready for Love, with a special two-hour debut. Apparently Ready for Love wasn’t ready for prime time. It drew only 3.8 million viewers, a cataclysmically steep drop off from its lead-in, The Voice, which was watched by 13 million.

Hear that thud? That’s the sound of more than 70% of your audience tuning out. Ouch!

What turned people off? Well, it could be the fact that it was promoted as an Eva Longoria project. She showed up for about 30 seconds then turned things over to reality show mannequins Bill and Giuliana Rancic. Boom, goes the remote!

It could be that the time slot is jinxed ever since Smash held it. Or it could be the show itself. Here’s a taste, as the girls trying to win over Tim Lopez of the one-hit pop group Plain White T’s, get coached on how to approach that all-important first date.

The wonderful thing about television is that you can always massage the numbers into a favorable configuration. NBC had to twist itself into knots to do it, but they found some favorable omens.

The network today took the positive position that Ready to Love had earned it the best ratings in the adult (18-49 year old) demographic in that time slot since January 15.

Sorry but that only indicates how anemic the lineup of Go On, The New Normal and Smash has been over the past few months.

The fact is Ready for Love buried NBC in last place for both the 9 and 10 p.m. hours, notching the lowest ratings for a debuting reality show on NBC this season.

Good luck spinning that.


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