Priscilla and Lisa Marie at Elvis vigil


Today marks the 35th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, a sad occasion marked by a candle-light vigil at Graceland attended by 75,000 people last night.

For the first time, Elvis’s ex, Priscilla Presley and his only child, Lisa Marie, will take part in the commemorative festivities at Graceland. Part of the program includes Lisa Marie, who is pursuing her own music career, singing a duet with a hologram of her iconic father.

This morning, Priscilla and Lisa Marie sat down with Natalie Morales for an interview on Today. Take a look.

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The spooky part to me was Priscilla seeming to say that Elvis hasn’t yet left the building.

“His presence is just all around, going into each room,” she says. “Sitting here, sitting in this room, sitting and talking or playing the piano. Early morning hours. The kitchen, that’s where we all congregated. Lots of laughs. I can sometimes hear laughter.”

Hey, maybe that’s not a hologram after all.



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