Lithe founder Lauren Boggi works out with Kris Jenner, Mario Lopez on Fox show

Lauren Boggi, center, works out with Mario Lopez, left, and Kris Jenner, right, on Fox's "Kris Jenner Show." (Lithe Method / Instagram)

Showing celebrities how to tone their bodies while cheering is yet another accomplishment added to an extensive list of recent triumphs for one Philly fitness guru.

Center City's Lauren Boggi, who's transforming the lives of local women (soon to include Manhattanites, too) with Lithe Method - a Philly-conceived brand that touts "fit, hip, healthy" lifestyles with its offering of "cardio-cheer-sculpting" classes, foods and clothing - will make her national TV debut on Fox's "Kris Jenner Show" Wednesday.

Boggi and two Lithe instructors were in Los Angeles Monday to tape the segment alongside Mario Lopez and Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, who duped viewers with a fake Baby North for Monday's premiere episode. Boggi says the overall experience was "pretty awesome, exciting and fun," she told us over the phone Tuesday afternoon.

"I feel like Mario stole the show!" she says with a laugh. Jenner, meanwhile, has "always wanted to cheer."

The petite CEO/Founder of the company says the show's producer, who's been following Boggi's brand for awhile, reached out to the former cheerleader directly, proposing they bring Lithe to the national arena. Much of brand's buzz has been built organically by word-of-mouth and through social media - which is how the producer found a clip of Rock Steady (one of Lithe's most popular patented cheer sequences) - in addition to avid readers of the brand's blog.

Since the "Kris Jenner Show" remains in its preliminary stages, the episode did not air in Philadelphia.

"It's great to finally bring Lithe to the eyes of the nation!" says Boggi, on the well-deserved milestone marked for the figure behind Philly's fitness phenomenon. Watch the segment (start at 32:00) and learn more about Lithe below.