Philly chef raises hell on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’


Maybe it’s the Benjamin Franklin influence. But we here in the City of Brotherly Love are a tidy people. Early to rise, get the kitchen sorted out and then on with our day.

That’s all Barbie Marshall was doing on last night’s Hell’s Kitchen. So why were all the other women on the red team so bent out of shape? It could be because Philadelphia’s gift to the culinary arts (her signature dish: Mahogany Clam Chowder), was stomping and slamming around as she did the communal dishes . At 5 a.m.

Which lead to the kind of heated obscenity-filled acrimony which is becoming all too frequent between Barbie and the rest of the female chefs. Unless of course, “You’re about to get choked out” is an endearment.

Anyway things continued to go bad for Barbie (although she finally got the scallops right). But at the end of the night, her teammates still put her up for elimination. Here’s how that went.


Yeah, she had the jacket half off until Ramsay gave her a stay of execution. Hold on to your toques, ladies, because Barbie ain’t going nowhere.



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