Pennsylvanians are not ‘Idol’ lovers

Nielsen just issued the ratings from last week for the country’s largest local TV markets. And there’s one regional anomaly that really sticks out: American Idol doesn’t have nearly as many friends in Pennsylvania.

The biggest cities in the Eastern time zone show the same viewing preferences for the week. The Super Bowl naturally came in first, followed by the post game show, then the episode of The Voice that rode the big game’s coattails on Sunday night. Rounding out your Top 5 were the Wednesday and Thursday installments of American Idol. Everywhere you go. In that same order.

Sheldon and Leonard work hard to upset 'Idol'

Except in the Keystone State. Here in Philadelphia, we watched the Super Bowl and the post game and the blind auditions on The Voice. But the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory soundly whipped Wednesday’s Idol to take 4th place and Person of Interest nipped Thursday’s show.

That’s nothing compared to the slaughter in Pittsburgh, where Wednesday’s Idol finished completely out of the Nielsen Top Ten (13th) and Thursday’s was tied for 15th place with NCIS: LA and Blue Bloods.

We’re awaiting word from Altoona.


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