Now singing the National Anthem…Bob Saget?

You have to wonder what the Chicago White Sox were thinking. It doesn’t get much more bizarre…or more random than this.

Over the Memorial Day weekend at U.S. Cellular Field, they invited Bob Saget to sing the National Anthem prior to the Sox game against the Cleveland Indians. That’s right, Bob Saget.

If you need someone to pinch hit, Bob Saget is there.

Sure, we all know who he is. Father to the Olsen twins on Full House. Original host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. The never seen narrator on How I Met Your Mother. And on the flip side, one of the filthiest, sickest stand-up comics to ever offend basic decency.

But what does this Philadelphia native and Temple grad have to do with Chicago? And why would you give the guy with the dirtiest mind in show biz an open mic in front of a stadium full of people? And while we’re at it, just because you call him a singer, doesn’t mean he is one. Why would you choose him of all people to serenade the crowd?

Considering the White Sox won the game 14-7 there’s a good chance they’ll invite Saget back. They may have found their Kate Smith. MLB good-luck charm? Why not? His resume couldn’t get much stranger.


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