North Philly do-gooder teen will hang with Queen Latifah tomorrow

Denzel Austin Thompson will be mentored by Queen Latifah for Nick Cannon's HALO Awards

Queen Latifah made North Philly's own Denzel Austin Thompson quite the happy urban farmer.

Thompson, you might remember from my column, is the teen who transformed a North Philly lot into an urban garden, teaching local kids how to till. Nick Cannon decided to recognize his efforts with a TeenNick HALO Award that came with a prize including a celeb mentor. Thompson's famous friend is Queen, which she will announce on her show, aptly titled "The Queen Latifah Show," tomorrow at 3 p.m. on CBS3.

"Denzel's the one changing the world right now," Latifah said. "It's in his hands and his generation's hands. I'm really proud of him because when the world gets to see people like him, it shows that his generation is not just about texting all the time or doing a crazy dance. They have gifts and abilities, and they're connecting people in a way that no generation will ever be able to do."

Watch Thompson collect his honor Sunday at 8 p.m. on Nick at Nite, but I've got a video sneak peek of Cannon feting Thompson. Check it out below.

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