New ‘Kardashians’ season trailer


Abandon hope, America. Based on this trailer of Keeping up with the kardashians  seventh season which kicks off Sunday on E!, there really is no chance of maintaining pace with the dark Amazons.

See for yourself.

Lingerie photo shoot. Check. Kanye sighting. Check. Kourtney reveals her baby’s gender. Yep.

And so much more. There is apparently a fractious family vacation on a yacht off the Dominican Republic. Mama Kris apparently took some collagen injections in her lips that did not agree with them. Come on, show us, Kris. It can’t be worse than Lisa Rinna.

And that’s not all. There’s the infamous flour-bombing of Kim on the red carpet in March. And what’s that no-tell hotel meeting for Kris, where she says, “I left my husband for this guy.” What in the blue blazes? If it’s infidelity that’s making you cry, Kourtney, then weep harder, because you’re sobbing for two. Bruce Jenner has no tear ducts.

We want Kanye! We want Kanye!



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