‘New Girl’ gets sued for copyright infringement

Uh oh! It looks like Jess and the gang are in some hot water.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that FOX network’s popular show New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel, is being accused of stealing.

From 2006-2011, Stephanie Counts and Shari Gold created a script for their pilot Square One, which was met with great interest by industry folk, but were ultimately unable to lock in a deal. Their story is inspired by a real-life experience of Counts’: She moved into a bachelor pad with three men after she learned her husband was having an affair. This is very smilar to the plot of New Girl, so now they are suing creator Elizabeth Meriwether, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Peter Chernin, Jacob Kasdan, and Twenty-First Century Fox for copyright infringement.

It was noted in court documents that “both protagonists are awkward, quirky women around the age of thirty, the name of the protagonist’s unfaithful beau in each work is Spencer, the plot of both works revolves around the protagonist moving in with three guys, the three new guy roommates in each work have identical personality traits, and the best friend in each work is named ‘CeCe’ or has the initials ‘C.C.’.”

Once New Girl aired in 2011, the two decided to hire a lawyer. Counts and Gold were originally offered a $10,000 settlement offer, but they denied it in hopes of gaining credit as the show’s original creators – in addition to compensation.