Never-before-seen footage of Nirvana VIDEO

Kurt Cobain, drummer? You bet. This never-before-seen clip finds the grunge god banging away on the kit during rehearsal for the band’s epic New Year’s Eve concert on MTV in 1993.

Then he grabs his guitar, turns the drums over to Dave Grohl, so Nirvana can slam through a ragged but right rendition of “Very Ape”. Stay on the site and watch the other never-seen performance, a far cleaner “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”.

Why are we seeing this now? A 20th anniversary edition of In Utero is about to be released – as is a DVD of that New Year’s show Live and Loud in Seattle.

In Utero was the last album Nirvana recorded. Their final concert was three months later in Europe. Four months later, Kurt was gone.




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