NBC nocturne: Leno and Fallon duet (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno team up and sing of 'Tonight' show turmoil.

Wait, haven’t we seen this movie before? Is NBC replacing reigning Tonight Show host Jay Leno with its tomorrow show host?

Yes, it’s a familiar drama of comedy succession. This time the rampant rumor is about Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show MC, taking over for Dudley Dooright, um, Leno in 2014. Perhaps moving The Tonight Show back to its ancestral home in New York City?

On Monday night, the two monologuists collaborated on a very amusing spoof of the situation, set fittingly to the stirring showstopper “Tonight” from the Bernstein/Sondheim musical West Side Story.

Check it out (below).

Nice to see the boys playing nice. And how about Jay’s booming vocals? If he does lose his job next year, there’s always a future on Smash.

Ironically this is exactly the type of witty viral bit that reportedly has NBC so eager to put Fallon on the Carson throne.

Memo to NBC: Could we get this settled soon? That Conan O’Brien train wreck went on forever.



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