NBC gives ‘The Voice’ ‘Revolution’ post-Sandy second airings

If you were trying to watch your favorite entertainment shows last night (assuming you had both power and cable/satellite), you may have noticed there was nothing on the networks all night long but storm coverage.

Just warning you in case you go to your DVR tonight expecting to watch Two Broke Girls or Castle. Regular programming was preempted in much of this part of the country. We may be facing a similar scenario tonight.

Well, that’s not going to fly with NBC. The Peacock network announced that it will offer second showings of The Voice and Revolution later in the week, the ones that we couldn’t see on Monday.

The two-hour episode of The Voice will air on Thursday night, preempting the regular comedy bloc of 30 Rock, Up All Night, The Office and Parks & Recreation. But wait, Jenna’s Crabheads are the swing votes in the presidential election. How will they vote? Unwindulax. You’ll have to wait until after election day to find out.

Here’s a taste of what you will see. Amanda Brown facing off against Michelle Brooks Thompson in the knockout round.

Revolution will air on Friday at 8 p.m. in place of reruns of Go On and Guys with Kids.

We will now resume our regularly scheduled programming. Well, as soon as the channels’ have squeezed every drop out of Sandy they possibly can.



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