Mother from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ nabs lead role on NBC’s ‘A To Z’

The wrap-up of How I Met Your Mother’s ninth season came off more like a mercy killing—and one long overdue at that. But don’t count the titular Mother out just yet—Cristin Milioti will return to NBC in a lead role for their coming sitcom, A To Z.

One of several projects recently sold by Parks and Rec’s Rashida Jones, A To Z tells the story of a couple’s relationship, from their first meeting to their breakup. Milioti will play “Zelda,” the female lead whom Deadline describes as the “realist” to boyfriend Andrew’s more pie-in-the-sky version of relationship building. 

Consequently, Zelda also seems like somewhat of a stick in the mud. As per the AV Club’s description:

“Alternately serious and hilarious, Zelda believes she controls her own destiny, loves being a grown-up, and doesn’t understand why anyone over 20 would go see an animated movie or eat ice cream sundaes.” 

Well isn’t that just so grown up. As you probably can tell, this one is likely to run along the lines of an inverse Dharma & Greg, but with far, far less Jenna Elfman. With any luck, the show will err closer to Chuck Lorre’s creation rather than HIMYM—at least in terms of its series run.

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