Jonathan Banks confirmed as Mike Ehrmantraut for regular role on 'Better Call Saul'

When Vince Gilligan killed off beloved dead-eyed enforcer Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad, a city—nay, a nation—mourned. Today, we can rejoice: Banks’ role as Mike has been reborn in Better Call Saul.

Rumblings about Mike’s role in the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoff have been going since before the show was confirmed, but luckily, it looks like this particular one is true. Banks again will appear as Saul Goodman’s cold-blooded bodyguard as a series regular

Scheduled to debut this coming November, Better Call Saul will chronicle Bob Odenkirk’s affable scumbag lawyer’s evolution and deal primarily with events before Walter White came into the picture. But with Banks confirmed as a regular, it looks like Goodman has had Mike along for the ride from the start, which ought to provide an interesting path to how everyone’s favorite Philly hitman ended up alongside Gustavo Fring.

But even with that November premiere date looming, Banks and Odenkirk are the only actors confirmed. Of course Jesse and Walt have been discussed as appearances, but there are no confirmations on that end—though Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have expressed interest in participating. And with the series reportedly written to jump around in the Breaking Bad universe’s timeline, an appearance doesn’t seem far-fethed.

Either way, though, we’re getting some Mike—which, if we’re lucky, also means we’re going to get a look into that storied Philly cop background that Breaking Bad hinted at shortly before he was killed off. Who knows, maybe we’ll even find out his favorite steak spot.

Seems like a Jim’s guy to me, anyway. Vince Gilligan might think differently.