Scores of teens on bicycles took over the Vine Street Expressway in Philadelphia on Sunday, and Fox 29's Mike Jerrick evidently didn't find it too funny, judging by a recent interview the anchor did with the teen credited with the stunt.

Corey Murray, 16, appeared on Good Day Philadelphia Tuesday to discuss the incident, which several onlookers documented via video posted to social media. Video appeared to show about 100 cyclists riding eastbound on the Vine Street Expressway.

Police arrested Murray Thursday morning and charged the teen with misdemeanor and summary offenses for the stunt, Michaelle Bond reports. Charges have not been announced against another other participants in the Sunday ride. As Fox 29 reported Monday, Murray organized a ride as part of a birthday celebration that led to the stunt.

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Murray, a noted rider in Philadelphia,  is part of One Way, a large group of young cyclists in Philly, as Jason Nark reported last year. In its Monday report, Fox 29 called Murray the "LeBron James of biking in Philly."

Legendary status or not, however, Fox 29's Jerrick was a little miffed with the teen during a Tuesday interview. Murray, meanwhile, responded mostly in monosyllables.

"Of course, you know it's against the law and it's dangerous, right?" Jerrick asked toward the start of the interview. "You know the danger of this?"

"Yeah, it's dangerous, I know," Murray responded. "It was too many of us to really, like, get hurt."

"Well, I don't think anyone really gives a rat's ass — excuse me — gives a darn about if you guys get injured," Jerrick said. "I think we're more worried by drivers being injured — all of us being injured, not you."

The Good Day co-host then told Murray that he was closer to "Pee-wee Herman than a Hell's Angel," referring to Pee-wee's Big Adventure, which revolves around Pee-wee's quest for his stolen bicycle.

Jerrick also asked Murray if his mother wanted to be on camera for the interview, as she "must be proud" of the teen. Murray answered that "no, she don't want to be on camera," which Jerrick seized on as a double negative.

The teen, meanwhile, told Jerrick that his grades at South Philadelphia High School aren't "too good." Jerrick called that revelation "a shocker."

Jerrick returned to Fox 29 earlier this month following a stay at a wellness center in North Carolina to treat depression. Prior to his leave, Jerrick was suspended in January for blurting out an expletive in reference to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Despite Jerrick's chiding, however, Murray is likely to stick with cycling. As the teen told the Daily News last year, his life revolves around biking — and it probably will in the future, if he has his way.

"I just want to ride and make money riding after high school," Murray said.