Mike Jerrick returns to Fox 29, asks Sue Serio to flash viewers

Mike Jerrick (right) returns to Fox 29 to co-host 'Good Day Philadelphia' with Alex Holley (left) following a suspension after using an expletive on-air.

All is right in morning television news in Philadelphia once again.

Good Day Philadelphia co-host Mike Jerrick returned to Fox 29 on Monday morning after a suspension for using an expletive while on the air last week. Judging by his request for weather anchor Sue Serio to flash the station’s cameras, little has changed.

Jerrick began apologizing Monday for his use of foul language while discussing White House counselor Kellyanne Conway during a live broadcast last Tuesday, saying he “went over the line” in describing the Atco native as “good at bulls-.”

"This show is different than every other show, and I like to take all of our subject matter right up to the line," Jerrick said Monday. “Last Tuesday, I went over the line. I used a word you can’t say on TV.”

A Fox 29 spokesperson last week told Philly.com that the incident “is not in line with Fox Television Stations guidelines and that matter has been addressed.”

The anchor said Monday that his use of an expletive put co-host Alex Holley “in a bad position,” and apologized to the Good Day co-host. Following the initial incident, Holley told viewers “we’re sorry about that,” prompting an apology at the time from Jerrick.

From there, the anchor's return took a more irreverent turn, with Jerrick jokingly introducing the classic “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” bit from comedy great George Carlin before Holley abruptly cut him off.

“We know them,” Holley said. “We’re good.”

Denied that indulgence, Jerrick moved on to Serio, whom he begged to get him out of the spotlight with a suitable distraction.

“Do something so inappropriate and get me off the hook,” Jerrick told her Monday. “Flash us right now.”

Serio declined, telling the anchor that her dress was “a little snug” for the task. The on-air staff then laughed the comment off, and moved on to weather.

Add that one to the list of times Jerrick ran his mouth on air to hilarious results. Now that he’s back, we expect it to keep growing.

Fox 29 viewers, meanwhile, seemed glad for the anchor's return: