Matt Damon and an A-list lineup show Kimmel how it’s done

In this Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 photo provided by ABC, Oscar winner Matt Damon hosts "Jimmy Kimmel Live" after opening the show as a kidnapper, tying Kimmel, seated, to a chair with duct tape and gagging him with his own tie, on the set in Hollywood, Calif. Surrounding Damon and Kimmel are, standing from left, guests Andy Garcia, Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Reese Witherspoon, Ben Affleck, Sarah Silverman and Demi Moore. (AP Photo/ABC, Randy Holmes)

After years of insults and rejection, Matt Damon turned the tables last night on his tormentor. He trussed up the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and assumed control of the show himself. Man, what an improvement this was!

First he made a few changes in the staff. Out with Kimmel sidekick Guillermo and in with…well, watch it for yourself.

Damon acknowledged the sole flaw in his game: he’s not a standup comedian. So with Siri’s help he brought someone to do the monologue for him.

Love that new bandleader playing the Mork & Mindy theme song. Ah, but it was the guests that made Damon’s night so special. Yes, he had Nicole Kidman, Gary Oldman and Amy Adams on the couch. But he also had a remarkable number of stars just wander on in, including Reese Witherspoon and Demi Moore.

And if they couldn’t make it to the theater, show biz heavy hitters taped best wished for Kimmel. See if you recognize any of these people.

Oh, Jimmy, you got served.





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