Video: MTV reveals 'The Hills' alternate ending

Lauren Conrad, left, and Brody Jenner pose together during MTV's "The Hills" season 3 finale party in Los Angeles on Monday, Dec. 10, 2007. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Not since the shocking 2010 finale of MTV's The Hills has the "reality" TV series received this much attention.

The original ending, as we recall, chronicles Kristin Cavallari as she symbolically shuts the door on her dramatic Beverly Hills lifestyle, ready to embark on an extended European journey. Right before her departure, Cavallari's on-and-off-again beau, Brody Jenner, shows up to say goodbye. Kristin tears up as Brody says he wishes she would stay in L.A., and gives him one final, sweeping embrace.

As Kristin smirks to herself while Brody watches her car drive off, the cameras suddenly pan out and the Hollywood Hills sign that's placed so carefully behind Jenner, poof! - disappears. Then the credits roll to the tune of Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" while the cameras continue to pan out to an aerial shot. It becomes evident to viewers that everything believed to be true - the salacious love triangle between Kristin, LC and Brody, Audrina's mess with Justin Bobby, Lo's perfectly boring life - may not have been real (though it remained unclear whether the whole entire plot was fake). That is until cast mates confirmed it years later, and now there's this.

Friday afternoon, not to be out-done by this week's ongoing media coverage of the tenth anniversary of The O.C., MTV released the alternate ending of The HIlls. It's the same sequence, only this time, Jenner struts in to his place, drops his keys on his counter, and a mysterious blonde figure (as seen from behind) is seated on his couch. She suddenly turns around and OH MY GOODNESS. It's Lauren Conrad!

"It's hard to say goodbye," she says to Jenner with the craziest smile - we can't tell if it's forced or if it's indicative of the freedom the cast is about to experience. Leave it Lauren Conrad, always the voice of reason since her Laguna Beach days, to drive the message home: It is hard to say goodbye, especially to a show that was so vastly entertaining during our teenage years.

Thus, the alternate ending below.