Live With Kelly and …?


Who will step into Regis Philbin’s polished little Weejuns? You don’t have to wait long to find out the identity of Kelly Ripa’s new morning partner.

According to gossip maven Roger Friedman (, all you have to do is tune in next Monday (July 9) when Seth Meyers begins the first Monday to Friday co-host stint since the great hunt began.


Who should replace Regis Philbin?

(Well, Neil Patrick Harris also worked a full week last November, but he has previous commitments.)

Friedman claims that Meyers is a lock for the job and will shortly be announced as the permanent co-host to begin in September.(The other contenders reportedly were ex-NFLer Michael Strahan and singer Josh Groban.)

Meyers has a job that is a good deal higher on the hipness spectrum but may not pay as well. He’s the head writer for NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Friedman speculates he would resign from the SNL writing staff but continue to serve as the show’s Weekend Update anchor.

If the decision was Kelly’s, she would clearly choose Anderson Cooper who she relishes having on as a co-host. But the newly out newsman already has two daily shows of his own and a 60 Minutes commitment.

Maybe if they started Live with Kelly and Anderson earlier in the morning, he could manage to wedge it into his schedule. I’m pretty sure Coop doesn’t sleep.


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