Life advice from Kim Kardashian on ‘Last Man Standing’



At the heart of last night’s Last Man Standing was a guest spot by the one, the only Kim Kardashian! She was playing – what else? – herself. Mandy (Molly Ephraim), the most vain of the Baxter girls, is totally obsessed with KK. To the point that when Kim does a book signing at the local mall, Mandy gets a little stalkerish.


Even though she had Mandy carted off by security, Kim later comes over to the Baxters (hey, wasn’t that the name of the family in the classic ‘60s sitcom, Hazel?), to offer Mandy some very wise guidance.


The biggest Kardahsian news of the week is that Kim’s April-May husband, Kris Humphries, wants to have their divorce proceedings televised live. What an enormous surprise! The honeymoon footage is available, of course, only on pay-per-view.