Later, Dawg. Randy Jackson off the 'Idol' panel

Say it ain’t so, Dawg. TMZ is reporting this morning that Randy Jackson is leaving the American Idol judges’ panel after 11 seasons on the show. Jackson was the last original member of the Fox ratings juggernaut.

“Leaving” is such an ambiguous word. Do you really believe he would voluntarily resign from the best job he was ever likely to hold? He is reportedly going to stay with the show as a “mentor” to the talent, although TMZ’s bulletin says that several Idol producers feel that Jackson is not suited to that role.

So where does that leave us? We’ve got Mariah. That’s it. Nicki Minaj is still not signed. The rumor mill says that Idol wants a country voice and Keith Urban is often mentioned as a frontrunner. It’s also widely believed that Idol wants to return to the four judge format. Who that wild card would be is anybody’s guess. So who is judging the audition rounds that are going on now?

Other news: Idol brought back Nigel Lythgoe as a producer this week. So you know they’re desperate.

We'll miss you, Randy. As you can see in this clip, when he found a phrase that worked for him, he slayed it.



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