Kate Gosselin says she has 'sadness and empathy and pity' for ex-husband Jon Gosselin

"Somebody once told me that if you feel sadness and empathy and pity for someone, the root of that is love."

Former TLC reality star Kate Gosselin sat with Bethenny Frankel on her talk show Thursday to discuss her very bitter and public relationship with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

The statement above was in response to Frankel's question on whether Jon's "snapped," while showing an image of Gosselin with a gun, the talk show host then following it up with, "Do you still love him?"

Kate added to her response, "I feel like the person that I married, nearly overnight, was not that person anymore."

However, the mother-of-eight says that despite their strained past, she claims the former duo is moving forward. "Without going in too much detail, we are making the best of it," she shared. "I definitely want [the children] to know that I did not want to hinder or stand in the way of that relationship with him."

Jon Gosselin recently disclosed that he's waiting tables at a restaurant in Stouchsburg, Pa. "I've hit rock bottom like twenty times," he shared in an interview. The former IT professional currently lives a humble life: Once partying on yachts, Jon now lives in a small cabin in the woods, 30-minutes away from his kids and ex-wife.

Kate in her interview with Bethenny adds, "The best thing for my kids is that I give them the opportunity and the ability to continue that relationship. When they're older, if they don't want to do it anymore or whatever decisions they make, that is their business."

She says, "For now, my job is to foster that bond."