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11:30 Take us out, Paul, with "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight". A song more Wings than Beatles. I think we could have faded out about 30 seconds into that six-handed guitar jam. Sweet dreams, boys and girls. Until next year. 

11:25 Album of the Year: Adele. Judging by the crowd on stage, it takes a village to make 21. You have to admire Gaga's commitment. She sat there all night and that face mask looks really really uncomfortable.

11:16 Record of the Year: Adele of course. The boys from Mumford must be annoyed they flew into Los Angeles just to sit there all night. Best Acceptance Speeches of the Year: Adele again. Short and to the point. The fact that this show is going way over is certainly not her fault.

11:13 And you thought the Catholic Church was fired up over Obama and birth control. Nicki Minaj just became apostate #1. Thank you for the spectacle, baby. It's been a pretty tame night until now.

11:00 And I thought NCIS's Pauley Perrette with the New York Giants players was the strangest combo of the night. That was before Foo Fighters segued into Deadmau5.

10:56 Ooh, a rave on TV! Glad to finally see what David Guetta looks like. I've read his name 100,000 times.

10:50 Jennifer Hudson. Ah, that was lovely. (Third Idol singer of the night if you're keeping score. Is Adam Lambert warming up backstage?) I know they didn't have much time to plan, but I still don't feel they've done justice to Whitney. Would a video collage have been too much to ask?

10:44 In the In Memoriam segment, did Steve Jobs just get a bigger hand than Heavy D?

10:38 Best New Artist to Bon Iver? Really? That was so sad to see Nicki Minaj swaying backstage waiting to come out. One thing is guaranteed: As soon as you name drop Eau Claire, Wisconsin, they will play you off.

10:30 That was an impressive (and large) roster of artists receiving Lifetime Achievement recognition. Seeing the old Possum up there, George Jones, suddenly I understand where Donald Trump got his tonsorial inspiration from.

10:22 Glen Campbell tribute. Songs like "Gentle on My Mind" and "Southern Nights" sound really dated and hokey.  

10:17 And the crowd goes wild for Adele! There's nothing the music industry loves more than 14 million units moved.

10:12 The moment we've been waiting for (I guess): a recuperated Adele belting "Rolling in the Deep". She reminds me of Alison Moyet of Yaz. Except I don't think Alison ever wore anything from the Donna Reed collection like Adele is tonight. And Adele should really let Bruno Mars do her hair.

10:06 The first Hunger Games trailer. My favorite moment of the night so far.

10:04 Re: Lady Antebellum. Do you have to get Taylor Swift's blessing before you can accept a country award?

9:58 Am I missing something? Kate Beckinsale in a toga to introduce Katie Perry? Love the color coordination of Perry's hair and sungalsses. But how did she get that part so wide? I mean the one in her hair, you perv.

9:44 Taylor Swift has on an Appalachian house dress. Ah, a concept number. Deep woods country. Should have known from the banjo and the listless posture.

9:42 Congrats Chris Brown. And the guy who just performed five minutes ago wins again. What a coincidence. Wasn't that the guy from Hell on Wheels and the lady of Person of Interest presenting the category?

9:39 I think they're applauding McCartney's lapels. Bold fashion statement.

9:37 Diana Krall and Joe Walsh to play this sap? Isn't that overkill, my Valentine?

9:35 Stevie just harped out "Love Me Do" before introducing Macca. Is this a Coldplay song too?

9:26 Did he say 50th anniversary? Whoa. How could it be a Beach Boys reunion without John Stamos on the stage?

9:23 These tributes are always ungainly, Maroon 5 doing "Surfer Girl"?. Up With People on "Wouldn't It Be Nice"? (although their keyboard player does oddly resemble Brian Wilson).  It's more than hitting the notes

9:19 They cut off Dave Grohl's acceptance speech for Ryan Seacrest? 

9:11 Was that commercial Willie Nelson singing Coldplay for Chipotle? They couldn't get Marc Anthony?

9:06 Coldplay $10 million production and light show. 10 cent song.

9:04 Damn. Why'd Chris Martin have to ruin everything by showing up?

9:02 Perfect Rihanna/Coldplay duet. It's all Rihanna. But why isn't she even pretending to sing into the mic? 

8:52 Surely we could have gone through the evening without Jack Black, the most insufferable man in show business. What do you think everyone is doing inside the Staple Center while Foo Fighters are playing outside? Taking turns kissing Adele's ring?

8:48 Seeing that Pepsi commercial with Elton John made me wish Flavor Flav was hosting instead of LL.

8:44 That little SRO mosh pit wedged right in front of the stage -- doesn't that just scream 2005?

8:41 I bow to no man in my appreciation of Kelly Clarkson's voice or of Jason Aldean's hat.

8:39  Best rap performance to Jay-Z and Kanye. The statue gets accepted for them by Marc Anthony. Yeah, that makes sense.

8:31 Crazylegs Chris Brown. Sounded like a raucous reception in the hall but when they showed the audience the clapping was tepid at best. Did they augment the sound? Do the Grammys operate with a cheertrack?

8: 28 Adele wins for pop performance. And the rout is on.

8: 26 You wouldn't think Bonnie Raitt would outsing Alicia Keys on "Sunday kind of Love" 

8:18 Yeah, Bruno! I never noticed he looks a little like Jackie Wilson. Always a good idea to have the band in matching outfits. 

8:05 Thats' how you start an awards show. Put Bruce in the pulpit and let him preach. Question1: When he sings "We take casr of our own", he's not talking about the recording industry, is he? Question 2: Where's the new horn section?

7:55 Turn up the TV. It's Grammy time. I'm sitting here with the traditional Grammy snack: kippered herring. It was the favorite of Sir George Solti, the classical conductor who holds the record for most Grammys won. Oddly enough, herring is also Nicki Minaj's go-to snack.


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