Jimmy Kimmel‘s post-Oscar blockbuster


So what’d you think of the Academy Awards? Do you even remember what won Film of the Year? Hint: It wasn’t War Horse. Why do they always put the big categories at the very end of the marathon after they’ve plunged us into a sound-editing coma?

The liveliest moments of the night came after the show on Jimmy Kimmel’s annual special. Once again he brought out the big funny cannons and the big stars. Without further ado, we give you Movie: The Movie.

Considerable contingent of Oscar winners in that cast -- Hanks, Theron, Streep, Mirren Clooney, Damon and others. Instant classic.

And Kimmel wasn’t done.

He brought on Oprah as his big interview. Yes, he fawned over her excessively. But he did deliver this funny taped bit where he goes to her OWN Studios to pitch ideas for her network. Stick around for the book club concept.

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