Jimmy Kimmel debuts his ‘rainbow loom suit’ for charity

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is known for asking his viewer audience to participate in home video pranks, like the time he asked parents to film their kids’ reaction when they told them they had eaten all of their Halloween candy, which resulted in cringe worthy entertainment. 

Recently, Kimmel took a break from pulling cruel pranks and instead asked viewers to mail in homemade rainbow looms, bracelets fashioned from colorful rubber bands, so that he could craft himself. When he first made the request months back, Kimmel had low expectations and estimated he would only receive a few. What the studio received was an overwhelming amount of bracelets, so much so that they couldn't all fit onto the suit.

Wednesday night, the host debuted his two-piece outfit on TV and the result was incredible. He also received a number of hats, ties, and other random-loomed crafts which were selectively incorporated into the suit.

The loom suit is now being auctioned on eBay to raise funds for the MaxLove Project, a nonprofit organization that empowers families fighting childhood cancers and life-threatening conditions with whole-body wellness resources, education, and research. At 11 a.m. this morning, the bid was at $13,900.