Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West make nice after 'rap feud'

Contrary to popular belief, that Yeezy-Kimmel social media war of words was real 100 percent beef.

Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West made nice Wednesday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," quickly squashing the idea that their so-called "rap feud" was a publicity stunt.

In fact, the 30-minute sit down was so authentic, that it was rather uncomfortable at times.

In late September, West lashed out at Kimmel via Twitter after the late night host had posted a parody skit mocking the artist's sit-down interview with BBC. "My guest tonight is a 21-time Grammy Award winning performer, who last month, threatened his very existence by insulting one of America's most beloved television personalities," joked Kimmel.

"We had a big dumb fight on Twitter but he was nice enough to agree to talk about it tonight."

Immediately after West took his seat, Kimmel thanked him for coming, saying that he wanted to "clear this up" and that he "really felt bad about all of this stuff."

On the actual tensions that escalated the night of their Twitter tirade, West shared, "Jimmy does his thing, I do my thing, and at some point egos can flare up," adding, "we kind of took it back to high school."

Kimmel said that he always found West to be friendly, but "misunderstood," pointing towards the artist's self-proclaimed, ill-received "genius" statements.

"A lot of people think you're a jerk," said Kimmel. "When you said you think you're a genius, I think that upsets people."

Yeezy's reponse? "I'm totally weird and totally honest and I'm totally inappropriate sometimes, and the thing is for me not to say I'm not a genius I'd be lying to you and to myself."

While he addressed snippets of his artistry, life with family and fascination with fashion, West dedicated a large part of the interview to further address his dislike of the paparazzi. "The way the paparazzi talk to me and my family is disrespectful," he said.

"We bring something of joy to the world. When people hear my music they have a good time, and I should be respected as such when I walk down the street. Don't ask me a question about something you saw on the tabloids."

He then added, "Don't try to antagonize me, because it's not safe for you in this zoo, you know? Never think that I'm not from Chicago for one second."