Jeremy Roenick boards Matthew Perry on ‘Go On’


In the season opener of Saturday Night Live, host Seth MacFarlane did an impression of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lotche as a guy so dumb he read the title of NBC’s new sitcom Go On as Goon.

That’s pretty much what it turned into last night as Ryan (Matthew Perry) wormed his way into the weekly hockey game organized by former Flyer Jeremy Roenick.

It started out pretty well – like hat-trick well – but that’s only because the other guys on the ice were intentionally going easy on Ryan because they’d been told he recently lost his wife. Of course, Ryan was oblivious to the kid glove treatment. Or as Ryan’s boss Steven (John Cho) explained to Roenick in this clip, “He’s not looking for clues that he’s not awesome.”


Later in the episode, the ice shifts. Ryan demanded that the other hockey players treat him as they would anyone else and he got severely clobbered. Roenick in particular giving him some spleen-crushing hits – and they’re teammates! Ah well, hockey is a tough mistress.

To see the full episode, including Roenick going goon on Go On, go here.


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