Is it ‘Homeland’? Nope, it’s ‘The Simpsons’ VIDEO

While most of you were saying goodbye to Breaking Bad on Sunday night, a few people were welcoming back Homeland, which began its third season just as Walt White was writing his final act in blood.

And when I say, “a few people”, let me clarify. I mean The Simpsons, which began its 25th season (25 seasons!) with an episode entitled “Homerland” in which Lisa begins to think that her father has been turned by terrorists just because Homie has given up pork and beer.

So Lisa calls in a crackshot, um, I mean crackpot FBI agent, voiced by Kristen Wiig.

But the proof that The Simpsons still has its genius intact after a quarter century on the air came right at the top, when they expertly spoofed the trumpet-blaring opening sequence from Homeland.


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