Insane new video from OK Go


When it comes to creative music videos, there’s OK Go. And then there’s the rest of the world. Their new one, for the song “Needing/Getting” is no exception. Excuse the fact that the first few seconds look like a Chevy commercial and prepare to be amazed.


It took four months to set up the 2-mile course which was equipped with more than 1,000 instruments, including 288 guitars. (I could be wrong, but I thought #179 was a half-note flat.) Singer Damian Kulash Jr. took a stunt driving course in preparation.

The band is up for a Grammy this Sunday for its extraordinary video “All Is Not Lost”, a collaboration with the dance troupe Pilobus (Check it out.)

If they win, the statue will make a nice bookend for their 2007 Grammy for the video “Here It Goes Again.” (See it here.)

 In addition to the treadmill version, they did an even more imaginative Rube Goldberg video of the same song. (Compare and contrast.)


Yet somehow OK Go keeps finding ways to outdo themselves. “Needing/Getting” will be available on iTunes later in the month.



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