'Idol' results: Tenuous for tenors

If I were Janelle Arthur, I’d bookmark that site for cheap flights back to Tennessee. Not only did she end up in the bottom two on last night’s American Idol, but Nikki had considerable trouble remembering her name. (Does Nikki seem frazzled to you lately? I think this two-day a week schedule is starting to wear on her.)

But it was Burnell Taylor who got the axe. That means that there is exactly one guy left in the final six. And that holdout is Lazaro Arbos. (Did I just type that? Lazaro is the last man standing?)

After the killing field that was Wednesday night’s all-rock theme, I think it would have been fair to throw the whole batch overboard and start the season again. This is just not working out.

All the judges forecast the top three would be Kree, Angie and Amber. (I like it that they’re holding the judges’ feet to the fire, forcing them to actually state an opinion.) Viewers had it slightly different. The real top three were Kree, Angie and…Lazaro? Apparently vast swaths of America really enjoyed the kid’s interpretations of Freddy Mercury and Queen on Wednesday. There truly is no disputing taste.

The results show has become a platform for Idol to relive its glory days. Last night it was Carrie Underwood and Casey James returning to perform. James, who finished third in season nine, was a real revelation, both as a performer and a guitarist. (He’ll be in Harrisburg next month if you want to see him live.)

Not all that impressed with Miss Carrie who I thought was flat at a few portions of “See You Again.” Maybe I was just distracted by that hideous ring she was wearing, which was apparently fashioned from a potato masher.

One last taste of Burnell? Oh why not. Here’s his final performance, of “Ready for Love”. You can tell about two bars into it, that the judges were not going to be expending their save last night.

On to next week’s competition. I had Janelle in the finals in my Idol pool. At this point, that’s looking more dubious than Michael McDonald.





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