Hello, Whoopi; goodbye, ‘Glee’


Viewers have speculated that Glee will have a hard time surviving next season following May 22’s climax when many of the castmembers and New Directions vocalists ostensibly graduate from McKinley High.

There is ample reason to dread Goldberg's arrival

You can stop wondering. The show will be dead long before that. Why? Because Fox has announced Whoopi Goldberg will be joining the cast for a three-episode arc beginning May 1. The grumpy View panelist will play a professor from the prestigious Manhattan drama school Rachel and Kurt have pinned their post-high school dreams on. Whoopi comes to Lima, Ohio to hear their auditions.

Yes, that’s the way Julliard does it too. The dean emeritus of the music department is currently in Casper, Wyoming listening to 17-year-old interpret the music of Billy Joel.

But Whoopi? Just because she’s a big fan of Glee doesn’t mean you have to indulge the big party-pooper. Don’t forget what she did to Star Trek: The Next Generation. As Guinan, the no-note actress ruined an entire universe. Imagine what she’ll do to a small town.

Ironically given her name, Goldberg has the reverse Midas touch: whatever she bullies her way into turns to dross.

Glee has a history of distracting guest stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Groban, Ricky Martin, John Stamos and Neil Patrick Harris. As you can see in this new promo, it’s bringing on Matthew Bomer of White Collar.

Yet, Glee has stumbled on. Until now. This is how a show ends. Now with a bang, but a Whoopi.



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